The objectives

Through the topics below, we have the goals to :
  •   Raise public awareness  and to inform  through  our  website
  • Share through our  after-trip conferences   and the film  of  the expedition . 

The adventure

photo 3-1A bicycle trip across the American continent. Traveling with a bicycle offers a huge freedom for planning the journey. Furthermore, this choice of transport does not produce any greenhouse gas, what respects the concerns defended during the travel. It is a particular adventure because it does not intend to cross the American continent in a straight line but rather to pass by each country (excluding the islands of Caribbean ocean), starting in Ushuaia   and ending at the ultimate north , the Alaska . We will also use Kayak (Raft pack) for several stages of our journey.

The exploration

Adventuring in the Valley (and a new NBC TV Interview)The goal of these explorations is to highlight the importance of still preserved ecosystems. And this way, to emphasize the necessity of maintaining a balance between the planet earth and our life style.

The solidarity

This journey will focus on two goals: human and environmental.

The human solidarity :  It will be restrained to the topics of fair trade (in regards to ecology and environmental preservation) as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. We plan to discover the different actions led by the NGO and associa03tions which will support this project with the intention of meeting different communities benefitting of fair trade and to understand their lifestyle. Every activity will be available on a website, where everyone can get information and/or contribute to the projects, as desired.

The environmental solidarity :  The nature  will be at the heart of our journey .  The nature allows  us to live ,  and is directly  connected to humans .  However,  we continue to destroy it , to over-exploit its natural resources  without renewing it .  Nowadays,  the preservation of our planet is a major concern.We will meet various projects which have contributed to the  earth  preservation and ecosystems restoration .

Protection of the forgotten civilizations

indigene_432_31012009One of our main goals in this project is to protect the forgotten civilizations, which are part of the cultural heritage of our earth. Actually, these are threatened by externals factors. This is why; we will go to meet some of these communities in the goal to find solutions for their protections..