Who am I ?

Equipped with my butterfly net, I remember that beautiful time when I spent every summer chasing the rare specimen to complete my collection. All my youth is dedicated to the observation of animals, nature and the environment.

Adolescence takes me away from my passion, propelling me into the dogmas of society.  As everyone, I have to study in the goal to get a good job. In my greatest quest for identity, I wear a mask, the one of delinquency. I steal big brand stores to satisfy my dreams of lust. Life tries to send me messages that I don’t take into account. But life always catches up with you.

Young, anxious, to be deprived of my freedom in an instant, I understand that I was just an “asshole” acting as Robin Hood. My view of the outside courtyard of this prison make me think on many aspects of my life and values. This painful stage was undoubtedly the most beneficial for reconnecting with my vocation.

At 22 years old, in foreign trade, the NGO Miel Maya hired me to carry out a market study on the beekeeping sector in Bolivia. I spend most of my time in the field, sharing the lives of these men, beekeepers by passion and will. This conviction to live their passion in the greatest sobriety is undoubtedly the driving force behind all my work “Adventure on the voices of the Americas”.

I then decided to exchange my butterfly net for a camera to witness the world, and I take courses in photography and cinema. Overwhelmed by the abundance of negative news about climate change, I founded the non-profit organization Cycling-Togeth’Earth, to go into the field to document the state of the world.

For 4 years, I travelled the Americas without any engines. 46,000 kilometers by bike and canoe/kayak to meet the world, on the voices of the Americas. Indeed, there are the voices of men, of living beings and of the earth that have guided me throughout all these years.

It is through the photo gallery, the film and the book that I tell you about my adventure with the greatest sincerity.  Each photo is for me a story that deserves to be told. Far from an adventure diary, it is through encounters that I tell you about my own experience, my inner evolution.

From my consumerist and unhappy life, I have managed to make my dreams a reality, based on the simplicity of encounters and sharing. This work is undoubtedly the mirror of my eyes, opening my mind to the field of life possibilities and to the solutions for our future as humanity.