Argentina, the warm country

After a few resting days, we leave Valparaiso. In the past, it was the main harbour of South America; Nowadays, it is a city with thousands of colours boarded by the Pacific ocean. This moment of relaxation was necessary before the ascent of the cordillera separating Chile from Argentina.


On the road towards the border, we fall in the harvests season. Hectares of plantations of avocados, lemons, apples, pears, raisins and vineyards. Why should we go to the supermarket when we can just collect the fruits directly from the trees?


Last challenge in Chile: The “CARACOL”. A mythical pass in the mountain with its 32 curves, the peak rising at 3100m. A beautiful physical test that we complete without any problem. At the summit we meet these Argentinian guys who are going to Santiago for a cyclist event. We spend an very good night under the sounds of guitar and the cups of mate cocido ( local drink)


Once the border crossed and our passport stamped, we enjoy a long descent. Suddenly, we cross the road of our former fellow traveller, Alexis, who goes in the opposite direction. We decide to stop and we start mutually to speak about our adventures. Although our visions of the journey are different (the reason of our separation) we are pleased to see us again and to share this moment.

photo de groupe

We stop 3 days in Mendoza, in the village of Lulunta, at Philippe home. A french guy who decided to live definitively on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. After reports, conversations, asado and vino (barbecue and wine) we are now riding in the Argentinian pampa to complete the 1100 km separating us from Rosario.


The crossing of the Pampa was very long, physical and windy. In spite of the dullness of the road, the meetings and the unforeseen were numerous:

The warm welcome we received in Quimes. We are invited to many projects and to the radio in the goal to explain our coming in this small village.


In Achiras, we arrived all wet due to the rains. Fortunately, the mayor invited us in his house. On night, we are invited to a musical concert followed by an interview for the Córdoba television.

We are escorted on a distance of thirty kilometres by the police. Reason : the road is too dangerous


The Several schools where we shared the experience with the impressed pupils. It was a pleasure to speak about adventure and ecology.

Once in Rosario, we stay in Silvana place, a 90 years old woman with a lot of energy and with whom we can speak about a lot of different topics. Not far from her place, it is Felipe and all the staff from the Chipaco bar who make us pass one week of madness: barbecue, kayak on the Paraná river and the tour of Rosario bars



In Conclusion, Argentina : a country which has welcomed us very well

Uruguay is not so far, new horizons are coming.